The title of this stream encompasses the disparate tensions, inter-relationships and potential conflicts when constructing meanings of property. It recognises that these constructs are contingent and contextual and shaped by people, power and place.

Papers are welcomed which address any context in which the law seeks to define, regulate, limit or conceptualise relationships to property. Papers which explore the concepts of space, place and inclusivity are also welcome, and the opportunity for social groups and communities to be engaged in those discourses. It is anticipated that papers may focus on the following, as examples:

  • The emergence of new forms of land ownership, regulation, or planning systems

  • The boundaries between public and private property relationships

  • Technology, design and/or environmental changes and the impact on space/place regulation

  • The relationship of property to individual or collective identity

  • Potential tensions between different stakeholder groups in property discourses

Contributions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries are particularly welcome.


Jill Dickinson ( and Emily Walsh (