This stream maps the sociology of law as theoretically and conceptually rich social scientific research of positive law. It focuses on relationship between the sociology of law and legal theory, jurisprudence, history, anthropology, ethnography, economy, science and societal regulation. Furthermore, it addresses sociological conceptualisations of the rule of law, living law and legal culture, legal system, legal consciousness, legal subjectivity, legal temporality, legal images and professions. Finally, it discusses the sociology of specific legal disciplines and different areas of positive law, such as constitutional law, contract law, property law, family law, law and religion, health law, criminal law, housing law, labour law, digital law and artificial intelligence, and transitional justice.


The stream is planned as a series of sessions presenting recent research projects, methodologies and methods evolving in the field of the sociology of law, particularly in the field of human rights, social justice, transnational constitutions, private law regimes and transitional justice including crimes against humanity and their legal and non-legal sanctions.   


The stream is open to the conference attendees but individual speakers will be invited by the organisers to present their work as part of a collective of scholars engaged in a book project The Research Handbook on the Sociology of Law published by the Edward Elgar Publishing in December 2020.


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